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Marie Force, Pamela Kelley, Willow Rose, and Freida McFadden are among the newest additions to Dreamscape Select’s independent audiobook publishing program

HOLLAND, OH (November 8, 2022) Dreamscape Select is a personalized audiobook publishing service of Dreamscape Media, the award-winning independent publisher and multimedia studio that is committed to producing a diverse range of high-quality content. It announced today several new partnerships with top-rated talents including Marie Force, Pamela Kelley, Willow Rose, and Freida McFadden. With a global reach to all of the major audiobook platforms and expertise in the retail and library markets, Dreamscape Select offers white-glove publishing services to self-published authors and independent publishers. With every new partnership, Dreamscape Select works to expand each author’s audience and reach.

“Dreamscape Select is so easy to work with,” says USA Today bestselling author, Freida McFadden. “I love that they are getting my audiobooks into the hands of so many more listeners.”

With the audiobook market experiencing exponential growth over the last decade, the entrance of new retailers, markets, and listeners has created both a dynamic and complex audiobook landscape. Dreamscape Select offers authors and publishers the necessary service of a global audio reach tied to expertise in all aspects of an audiobook publication as opposed to limited exposure in the overall marketplace.

“We want to put authors and publishers in the most advantageous position when it comes to their overall audiobook publishing program. We view our Select authors and publishers as true publishing partners, wherein we provide our expertise on production, pricing, distribution and overall positioning within the marketplace,” says Sean McManus, president and publisher of Dreamscape Media. “Dreamscape has been a leader in the independent audio space for over a decade, and these new partnerships allow us to utilize our expertise and knowledge about the audiobook industry. Our goal here is to support independent authors so their content can succeed.”

“Using Dreamscape Select for audio distribution has been a smooth and easy process,” says Pamela Kelley, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. “And since working with them, my reach and monthly income has greatly expanded versus my previous limited distribution.”

For more information about Dreamscape Select please visit dreamscapeselect.com, or email the Dreamscape Select team at [email protected].


Dreamscape Media is an award-winning independent publisher that produces fiction and non-fiction audiobooks, book-based children’s read-along video programs, and offers audio publishing services to prominent independent authors and publishers through Dreamscape Select. Dreamscape strives to publish and distribute titles that both inspire and entertain listeners, readers, and viewers around the world. Titles are available to both library and retail channels in physical and digital formats.