Dreamscape has spent the last 12+ years researching how pricing can affect units and sales numbers and we believe that we have cracked the code. We will price your content based on a number of factors in order to ensure that our rights holders are making the most on their content and that their content is still accessible to those who will love it.

Yes, we have talented and experienced individuals who will be working with you from the very beginning of the relationship. They will be able to answer any and all questions pertaining to the program and also provide marketing, sales, and distribution updates.  

Dreamscape Select will distribute your content to as many countries as possible in order to ensure that your audiobook is accessible to your audiences.

In the submission form, we are able to accept ISBNs that are specifically for your audiobook title. We cannot use ISBNs that have been assigned to a different format for the book (paperback, eBook, etc.). If you do not have an ISBN for your title, we are happy to provide one.

We believe that the best opportunity for authors is in the digital space, so we will strictly distribute your content digitally.

In order to provide a personalized, white-glove service, Dreamscape Select is currently distributing content on an invitation‐only basis. We look for authors and publishers that we believe we can assist in the distribution of their content, but we are not able to apply these services to all types of content. If you believe that your content aligns with what we are looking for, please reach out to us.

As often as you like! You will be provided with your own form to submit titles whenever you choose. Dreamscape Select will ensure that your title is up on our partner platforms within four weeks of submission.

Dreamscape Select will not distribute content to music streaming services under our current business model. After years of research, we do not believe that the compensation per title sold is strong enough to merit distribution into this channel. However, we are always looking into new business models that benefit our authors and appropriately value the content that we distribute.

The agreement will be a one-year term that auto renews on a monthly basis.

Dreamscape Select will market your title at no charge to you. We believe that content accessibility is incredibly important, and we want to ensure that our platforms are aware of the amazing content that we have coming in.

The library market caters to digital library services such as hoopla, OverDrive, and the Libby App, where library systems are paying for the content that their patrons enjoy. The retail market caters to retail consumers, who pay for the content that they consume. Dreamscape has over twelve years of experience working in both markets.

You will receive 85% of the net receipts that Dreamscape Select receives. Some platforms that sell content report back to us monthly or quarterly. When we receive those reports and pay statements, we will send you 85% of what we received for your titles on a monthly basis. You will be able to view your statements in the portal that you will be given access to.

While Dreamscape Select is happy to distribute your already produced audiobook, at this time we are unable to offer production services.


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