Program Highlights

Royalty Rate

85% royalty rate back to the rights holder


Monthly payments and royalty statements


Easy-to-use interfaces for title submission


Our team has decades of experience in the audiobook publishing space


One-year term, auto-renewing on a monthly basis


Dreamscape brings 12+ years of industry knowledge to the table. We are constantly monitoring the trends in the industry.

The Industry

The audiobook market is the fastest-growing segment in the publishing industry, and our goal is to make sure that independent authors and publishers are able to take advantage of that growth. As a division of an independent publisher, we understand how important it is to maintain that independence. We believe that we can keep your title’s best interests in mind, and we would love to work with you and your content.

What You Can Expect from Dreamscape Select

Dreamscape Select was formed to provide a premier option for independent authors & publishers to distribute their audiobook content, while also providing full transparency and an extremely strong royalty back to the rights holder. We believe in the following:

Royalties: We pay a royalty of 85% net back to the rights holder for all sales. While our margin is thin, it pays for the distribution capabilities, team members needed, etc. We believe in getting the rights holder as much money back on their titles as possible.

Distribution: With over fifty distribution partners and more to come down the line, we will ensure that your content is distributed all around the world and to all of the major retail and library platforms. Audible is the largest platform for audiobook sales in the English language, and we have a strong relationship with them. That said, we strive to support competition to Audible and are against the exclusivity of content that hinders distribution.

Libraries: In addition to being experts in the retail market, we love public libraries. It is the reason Dreamscape was founded over a decade ago. We are a close partner company to hoopla digital, a platform with millions of active library patrons. Our team will work with hoopla, and other library distributors, to get your content in front of library patrons—all while maximizing author royalties through a number of purchasing and pricing options.

Pricing: We are constantly watching the audiobook market to ensure that we price content appropriately and in a way that benefits everyone. Comparing a pricing strategy to eBooks, pricing for audiobooks is completely different and the prices range drastically by business model (a-la-carte sales, credit models, One-Copy-One-User library, Pay-Per-Use library, etc.). We will price your content so that it maximizes royalties on a channel-by-channel basis and we are always available to answer any questions you may have surrounding pricing.

Our Terms

Dreamscape Select has done the extensive market research to ensure that we are constantly optimizing profits for authors while also making titles as accessible as possible to audiences. When you sign with Dreamscape Select, you can expect:

    • 85% net royalty rate back to the rights holder 
    • Monthly payments and royalty statements
    • One-year term, auto-renewing on a monthly basis
    • Easy-to-use interfaces for title submission
    • Dedicated team with fast response times and updates on your catalog

Upon submitting your titles to Dreamscape, our marketing & sales team will work to include your titles in any and all marketing opportunities. They will relay instances in which your titles are included in sales and marketing initiatives. Likewise, we welcome you to share any marketing that you will be doing for your eBook or print titles allowing us to look for any opportunities to position the audiobook as well.

The Dreamscape Select team is here for you.  If at any time you have questions, please feel free to reach out.


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